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Nothing up-roots us and gets us feeling good like the the excitement of a new adventure to an intriguing, awe-inspiring and fun-filled destination just waiting to be explored. In all our travels, we relish in not just the good or the great, but the exceptional, the exquisite, unique and inspiring and the life-enhancing experiences, out there, just waiting for you to discover.

With an intense passion to help you explore the new, our on-the-ground local insights and current information, fine-tuned skills learned through a lifetime of  deeply travelled routes around Southern Africa and years of working on the other end of travels in South African tourism, we’d like to extend our expertise and sense of adventure to up-root you from everyday life, get you rejuvenated and on the UP again as you journey through some of the world’s most sensational destinations.

All the ins and out’s, tips and tricks, what to see, who to see it with, where to stay and how to get there? We have it all for you and your queries cost nothing, so feel free to take advantage of our local knowledge, experience and insights that not only are a major convenience when planning your travels, but will take your trip from being just great to being absolutely extraordinary!

Send us a mail with you questions and travel plans (if any) and let us help plan your itinerary around Southern Africa. As we are based in South Africa, we’ll even go one step further and make your life and travels even easier, by taking care of all bookings and logistics on the ground, before you even arrive in South Africa.