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Cape Townships

To fully experience the diversity of Cape Culture, one must explore the seemingly detached Cape Townships, the ulterior side to what makes Cape Town what it is today. Bear witness to a seemingly detached environment, where one will gain an insight into indigenous African cultures, traditions and their struggle coming out of rural homelands and trying to make their way into global society.

Stemming from a vicious past and now with an optimistic vision for the future, this is where rural Africa meets the modern world and where its communities, traditions, arts and culture enter the global stage.

Visit a traditional healer, sip on traditional African beer while you try local cuisine, learn the latest township dance moves and lend a helping hand by donating supplies or your time at a local creche.


  • Visit a Sangoma (traditional African healer)
  • Interact with the Kids at a local creche
  • New Rest informal settlement
  • Shisha-Nyama (African barbeque) lunch
  • Experience a Shebeen (informal tavern) and share stories with the locals



Pick-up: 8 am     Drop-off: 4 – 6 pm

Includes: Guide, transport, lunch, all entry fees, any other costs as per arrangement and included in final quotation/invoice.

Excludes: Gratuities, drinks and all other costs not included on final quotation/invoice as arranged or mentioned above.

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Sangoma Visit

Visit a Sangoma, a traditional African healer and discover the ways of rural Africa’s medicine-men. Feel free to engage in their alternative methods (additional cost) and you may be intrigued.

Local Creche

Interact with the kids at a local creche and donate locally bought goods to keep them going. Share your travel tales or lend a helping hand in the classroom or playground.

New Rest Informal Settlement

New Rest informal settlement where the rural homelands meet the city.  Experience the local market, taxi rank and street vendors (informal street-side stalls) that are part of everyday in the townships.

Shisha-Nyama Lunch

Try a traditional barbeque known as ‘shisha-nyama’ (grilled meat) for lunch.

Shebeen Experience

Share your stories, hear local’s experiences, learn the latest dance moves and try ‘Umqombothi’ a traditional maize beer brewed locally, at a popular informal tavern known as a Shebeen.

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