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Multi Day Overnight Safari

This is undoubtedly the ultimate way to safari! Spend any number of nights, blissfully surrounded by the scenes, scents and sounds of the bushveld in one or more of Kruger Park’s camps (all fenced in) enjoying the days wondering across a vast and wild landscape in search of Africa’s beautiful beasts.

Waking up inside the reserve, means you won’t have to spend time getting permits and hassling to get in through one of the park gates. Your safari begins right from your doorstep, giving you a huge advantage when it comes to early morning game viewing, making your safari experience more leisurely with more time to explore the wild.

Nights spent in camp give one a completely different safari experience and feel for the bushveld. Enjoying a well-deserved beverage, after a long day searching for wildlife, in the warm glow of the fire and anticipating a hearty meal cooked over open coals, is an atmosphere that one cannot suitably describe and can only really be experienced in person.

On safari you will be in the care of a professional, experienced and knowledgeable safari guide who will lead you on an informative, fun-filled adventure, immersing you in the African Bushveld and unveiling its many unique and awe-inspiring wonders.


  • 3 guided game drives on each full day
  • Accommodation in the heart of the bushveld, surrounded by the wild, at one of Kruger’s fenced in camps
  • Bushveld dinners done in true safari splendour, over open coals
  • 147 mammal species & over 500 species of bird to discover
  • The infamous Big 5 (Elephant, Rhino, Buffalo, Lion & Leopard)
  • Unique Kruger Park trinkets & souvenirs can be purchased at one of the gift shops
  • 360-degree view of the wilderness & wildlife, from the elevated platform of an Open Safari Vehicle


Dependant on number of nights booked and your arrival/departure times

Includes: Guide, transport, accommodation, dinners, open Safari vehicle, bottled water, any other costs as per arrangement and included in final quotation/invoice.

Excludes: Kruger Park conservation fees, breakfast, lunch, gratuities, drinks and all other costs not included on final quotation/invoice as arranged or mentioned above.

Tour Cost:


Please make an ENQUIRY for a quotation.

Our tours are privately run, exclusively for you and your guest/s and can be tailored to your requests.


(Similar for each day, although different areas are visited)


Prime Time Game Drive

Starting before first light, we exit camp as the gates open, to take advantage of what is considered ‘Prime Time’ for game viewing. This is to optimise your game viewing experience, in the cool hours of the early morning, the period of day when animals are at their most active, especially predators. This game drive is usually 2 to 3 hours long.

Breakfast Break

After your first game drive, we break (45 min usually) at one of Kruger’s camps or picnic spots for toilets, coffee & breakfast (for your own account) before heading out on another game drive adventure.

Morning Game Drive

After breakfast we head out on safari again, to make the most of the rest of the morning in search of species we weren’t lucky enough to find already, during ‘prime time’. This game drive, as the previous, is usually 2 to 3 hours long, before we break for lunch and a midday siesta.

Lunch & Midday Siesta

Lunch (for your own account) will be at the same camp where we will be overnighting. You will also have the opportunity to take an afternoon siesta at your accommodation, through the midday heat. This is flexible though, as there are fewer time constraints on multi-day safaris than on a one days, and this can be discussed with your guide. However, as early mornings and late afternoons are the prime game viewing times, we usually spend around 3 to 5 hours from camp gates opening in the morning and 2 to 3 hours in the afternoon before camp gates close, on game drives and rest through the midday and early afternoon. This period of the day doesn’t offer anywhere near as good an opportunity for game viewing as the early morning and late afternoon do, due to animals being mostly inactive through the hottest part of the day, in order to conserve energy.

Afternoon Game Drive

After lunch and your midday siesta we head out again around 3 – 4 pm for the final game drive of the day returning to camp just before gates close, to settle in for the night and relish in a bushveld dinner.

Bushveld Dinner

Dinners are catered for by your guide at your accommodation in camp and are usually prepared, in true bushveld fashion, over open coals.

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