African Adventures

Wildlife Interaction & Encounters

This experience is for the animal lover and conservation enthusiast. Get up-close and personal with a variety of Africa’s weird and wonderful at two of South Africa’s most successful conservation centres. You will be taken on specialized tours, not just to witness the incredible creatures they care for but also to gain a greater understanding of each individual and the conservation efforts behind their species.

The first centre focusses on wildlife rehabilitation and is home to all sorts of species that wouldn’t survive otherwise. Some of the species one may expect to see here are Honey Badger, Rhino, Lion, Serval, a great variety of raptors and whatever other weird and wonderful creatures they may be housing currently.

The second centre focuses mainly on the larger endangered wildlife species such as Cheetah and African Wild Dog. Experience close encounters with these incredibly rare and highly endangered gems of the African bushveld and learn more about their struggle for survival.


    • 11/2 – 2-hour wildlife rehabilitation centre tour encountering the likes of Honey Badger, Lion, Serval & various birds of prey
    • Lunch, scrumptiously prepared, overlooking the river
    • 2-hour endangered species game drive, featuring an array of Africa’s endangered wildlife with special focus on Cheetah & African Wild Dog


Pick-up: 7 am Drop-off: 5 – 6pm

Includes: Guide, transport, lunch, all entry fees to conservation centres, any other costs as per arrangement and included in final quotation/invoice.

Excludes: Gratuities, drinks and all other costs not included on final quotation/invoice as arranged or mentioned above.

Tour Cost:


Please make an ENQUIRY for a quotation.

Our tours are privately run, exclusively for you and your guest/s and can be tailored to your requests.


Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

After an introductory speech on the centre’s history, their passionate involvement in wildlife conservation and the species they care for currently, you are taken on a guided walk through the centre to meet these curious creatures.

The wildlife species you will encounter here, are either in rehabilitation to be released back into the wild or have become permanent residents as their chance of survival in the wild is highly unlikely, so they now serve as ambassadors of their species, showcasing their importance and educating the public on the necessity for their conservation.


Breaking, in between your morning and afternoon conservation tours, a scrumptious lunch is served in a bushveld setting, overlooking the Blyde River.

Endangered Species Tour

Your afternoon tour begins with another introductory speech, at the second conservation centre, explaining their history and involvement in wildlife conservation.

Then you are taken on a guided drive through the centre in an open safari vehicle, to discover a variety of endangered species before heading into the cheetah enclosure where the cheetah run takes place and you can witness the fastest land mammal on the planet at full speed. This involves the cheetah chasing a lure (a piece of cloth) pulled by a pulley system.

Your next encounter is with another of Africa’s incredibly special and highly endangered species, the African Wild Dog. Driving through the enclosure, you will be given a better understanding of their importance in the wild as you watch these ‘painted wolves’ while they feed.

Ending this tour, is a trip to the Vulture Restaurant where you will experience the vultures circling in a synchronised pattern and descending out of the sky to feed off the remains on the ground, before heading back to your lodge for the night or an alternative drop-off point as arranged.

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